Thursday, April 10, 2008

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Violence on the Internet

Kids, Violence, and the Internet: Tips for Parents

This week, a shocking video was released that shows the savage 30-minute beating of a teen who had allegedly trash-talked her attackers on her MySpace page. This is a powerful opportunity for parents to have a conversation with their kids about three critical realities to be aware of in this age of omnipresent media.

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This Week on the Web

This Week on the Web

Virtual worlds are almost as hot as scoring a Miley Cyrus concert ticket -- now Nickelodeon is stepping up by adding to its online hangout offerings. And do you know which state is the first to require Internet safety classes in school? Find out.

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Q: With all the negative press, it's hard to know when to introduce my kids to all the new technology out there. Can you help?

A: Say hello to Internet ingenuity by introducing curious kids to some of the positive sides of the digital age they're growing up in.

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