Thursday, July 3, 2008

i Macs!

Thanks to Selectman Rudy Heller, and his networking in Boston, the town of Brookfield is 10 iMacs richer! and Thanks to Boston University for this (what they consider a $0 value)donation, (accepted by the Friends of the Library). We have two iMacs for parts, one for office and seven for public use (five at first due to the fact that we are space challenged!). Services provided include Microsoft Suite 2004 (up from our current 1997!) and includes Power Point--students will be pleased with these tools since they are required for their education.

The five pc's which the iMacs are replacing will be submitted to the town for surplus property. Please call the library 508 867 6339 or the Selectmen's Office (Donna Neylon) 508 867 2930 x 10 for details.

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