Tuesday, December 29, 2009

350th Quaboag Anniversary!

Thank you to Phillip Mailloux of Pleasant Street, Brookfield. He created wonderful graphic designs for the table numbers of the crafted centerpieces completed at the Merrick Public Library for the Salem Cross dinner for the 350th Anniversary dinner for Quaboag Plantation.

Preparation work for the centerpieces for the Salem Cross Inn dinner on Saturday, Jan. 2 for the 350th Quaboag Anniversary continues at the Merrick Public Library! Carolyn Murray and Barbara Clancy are pictured here, but many patrons participated. Including Friends of the Library, the Taylor home school children with Mom and a graphic art student Phillip Mailloux. Once again another community event assisted by our community focused public library. The 350th Quaboag Anniversay link may be found the following for more information on events:

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