Monday, May 3, 2010

Road work notice for Common Street, Lincoln Street and Lincoln Street Extension

FYI: The Trustees and staff of the library have no intentions of closing during the road work.

Residents of the Town of Brookfield and Merrick Public Library users:

We are sure that you remember hearing about the $600,000 grant that the Town received last fall for infrastructure work to be done on Common Street (from Central Street to Lincoln Street) and on Lincoln Street, including Lincoln Street Extension. “Infrastructure work” means that new water and drainage lines will be installed and there will also be new curbing and a new top put on the streets. The Engineer in charge of this project is STANTEC and the contractor who will be doing the work is PIOPPI CONSTRUCTION. The Town has worked successfully several times with Stantec but this is our first opportunity to work with Pioppi. We expect to experience an excellent working relationship with Pioppi as they have an excellent reputation. A sign will be installed near the work area that will give the names of the companies involved, etc.

IT IS EXPECTED THAT THIS WORK WILL BEGIN THE WEEK OF MAY 10th and will continue until completion (about 15 weeks). During that time, the Community Development Block Grant Advisory Committee (CDBG AC), along with Brookfield’s Highway, Water and Police Departments, will be working together to ensure that the residents of those streets experience the least amount of inconvenience possible. The plan is to work on one section of the street at a time; the section being worked on will be closed to through traffic during the work day only. It is expected that people living in the area where the work is being done will have some access but might have to wait a couple of minutes to get either in or out (during the work day only). Hopefully, no one will experience much of a problem. ALSO, the plan is to work on Lincoln Street Extension at a time when school is out of session to cause the least amount of interruption as possible for the students, teachers, and bus drivers.

People should be aware that parking for the Library will be affected during the project work hours. Any St. Mary’s church activity outside of the project work hours should not be affected.

The Board of Selectmen and the CDBG AC expect to hold a question and answer session as part of an upcoming Selectmen’s meeting where you can express your concerns and learn more details of the work that is planned. Please feel free to pass the word to all of your friends and neighbors who may live on either Common or Lincoln Street or Lincoln Street Extension or may use these streets. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please feel free to contact the Selectmen’s office. You should receive notice of the above Q&A session very soon.

Donna L. Neylon, Administrative Assistant to the

Board of Selectmen

6 Central Street

Brookfield, MA 01506

Tel: 508-867-2930 x 10

Fax: 508-867-5091

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