Thursday, November 11, 2010

1660 350th Anniversary 2010 Quilt on display at the library

Link for: Quaboag Plantation 350th website

Celebration 2010: Plans for the upcoming 350th celebration are progressing at a rapid pace. Bunting for all 6 Town Halls have been purchased and signs have been ordered. A new logo has been designed and will be on T-shirts and caps and other memorabilia. There is still plenty of opportunity to participate in the planning and in the events of the Celebration. Contact Bill Jankins or your town Society Board Member with your ideas and/or questions.

Historical museum is located on Front Street in West Brookfield.

The collections reflect the history of the Quaboag Plantation from early Indian settlements through the early 20th century.

Check the Quaboag Historical Society website for hours and Society Officers on the above link..

The Quaboag Historical Society is a regional group covering the Brookfield's, Warren and New Braintree, parts or all of these modern towns once having been in the ancient Quaboag Plantation, granted in 1660, and comprising an area of sixty-four square miles.

The Society was constituted at a meeting in North Brookfield on January 9, 1895, and formally incorporated under then Chapter 115 of the Massachusetts Public Statutes, March 22 of that year.

The original and current purpose of the society is to locate and identify all the points of historical interest with the original plantation that should be preserved for future generations. The Society maintains a collection of artifacts and documents pertinent to the history of the Quaboag Plantation area.

Membership in the society and inclusion on its mailing list may be obtained by writing:

Quaboag Historical Society
P.O. Box 635
West Brookfield, MA 01585

The Quaboag Historical Society was Established in 1895.

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