Sunday, November 28, 2010

CSX Bridge re-construction

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – please spread the word:

It is my understanding that Route 49 will be closed for the CSX bridge re-construction from December 3 through 6. Seek alternates routes!!! Note that the CSX bridge in Brookfield WILL be open during this time period.

The Brookfield CSX bridge (Route 148) will be closed to the public from December 10 through 17. Public service vehicles (only Police, Fire, Ambulance, and School Buses) will be allowed to cross. After that one lane will be open for traffic and controlled by overhead lights.

Donna L. Neylon, Administrative Assistant to the

Board of Selectmen

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Brookfield, MA 01506

Tel: 508-867-2930 x 10

Fax: 508-867-5091

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