Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unattended Child Policy

BROOKFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY’SPOLICY FOR UNATTENDED CHILDRENThe Merrick Public Library welcomes and encourages children of all ages to utilize our services. However, the Brookfield Public Library is NOT responsible for the well being of children who are left unattended in or outside the Library. Parents/Guardians are strongly urged to accompany their children to the Library. Parents/Guardians should be aware that the Library is a public building and is no safer than any other public place or building.Parents/Guardians are reminded that numerous, unexpected events may occur in which the Library could close without notice therefore stranding an unattended child.The Brookfield Public Library reserves the right to ask a patron to leave the building if he/she is acting in an inappropriate manner, creating a public nuisance or inhibiting the rights and privileges of others. (See Library Behavior Policy for more information).The Brookfield Public Library staff is here strictly to help you and your children with library needs. The staff is not licensed to perform child care.In the event an unattended child is not picked up prior to closing, the library staff will attempt to notify parent or guardian. If attempts are unsuccessful, the library will notify the Brookfield Police Department.

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